What’s the purpose of MMO-Nomad?

MMO-Nomad is intended to help those with MMO wanderlust find a new and exciting MMO to occupy their time until they inevitably find something else new and exciting to move on to.

What kinds of games are featured on MMO-Nomad?

Primarily, MMORPGs are featured on the site. However, if the game is fun and satisfies that craving to play an online game with other players, it could also be featured on MMO-Nomad. If MMORPG was the only genre we focused on, the site would be called MMORPG-Nomad instead.

Where did you get the ranking information for the top MMOs in Korea, China, and Japan?

Each country has its own site dedicated to game rankings. For Korea, the game rankings come from gamenote.com; for China, the rankings come from 17173.com; and for Japan, the results are pulled from mmoinfo.net.

Why are there no rankings for North America?

There are no game rankings for North America because there is no single, reliable source for the

Where is the background image of the site from?

The image being used currently is from the Chinese MMORPG Moonlight Blade (天涯明月刀).

Where’d you get that swanky logo?

I got my logos from JimJim. Thanks, JimJim!