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E3: Rare’s Sea of Thieves Shown off During Microsoft’s Press Event

Sea of Thieves┬áis a new MORPG (whether it gets that second ‘M’ remains to be seen as details are scant) from veteran developer Rare. Fancy a voyage on the high seas with a full player crew to loot, pillage, and plunder? Sea of Thieves seeks to sate that craving. During this year’s E3 conference, Microsoft and Rare showed off a good deal of gameplay footage (below) which detailed several awesome features of the game:

From the gameplay trailer we see:

  • Full player crews.
  • Shared world with other player crews (how massive the world is, or how many players per world is unknown at this point).
  • Ship battles.
  • Realistic ship damage — plug the holes or you’ll sink.
  • Realistic ship functionality (dropping and weighing anchor, releasing sails, manning cannons, walking the plank, etc).
  • Islands and towns to explore/visit.
  • Drunkenness (what’s a pirate game without the rum?).
  • Stylized graphics that won’t soon be dated.
  • Very detailed water effects.

There’s also the ability to play instruments in the game (whether or not you do this by hand or via ABC files like Lord of the Rings Online or MapleStory 2 remains to be seen).

There are still many questions left unanswered, but just from the look of the gameplay trailer alone, I am very excited about this one. There’s also a cinematic trailer (below) which adds hints to other gameplay elements as well:

Here we see:

  • Undead pirates to battle.
  • Mer-people to fend off while searching for underwater treasure.
  • Sharks. Lots of sharks.
  • And last, but not least, the Kraken!

Here’s hoping it lives up to its incredible potential. Due for Xbox One and Windows 10 sometime this year. Hopefully.