Moonlight Blade Tianxiang

Tencent Announce Moonlight Blade (天涯明月刀) Coming to West

Pretty much everyone else has announced this before me, but I’ll add my own spin on it.

Moonlight Blade (天涯明月刀), a wuxia MMORPG, was announced by Tencent at their 2012 Game Carnival. Since then, the game has garnered a rather large Chinese following, currently sitting at number 6 on’s top MMORPG list. It has also developed a moderately sized western player base. The problem for those in the western hemisphere though, is that there is no local server, and the game, while playable, suffers from lag that makes certain elements of the game’s travel and combat mechanics difficult to enjoy.

No publisher is currently announced, and, as with any Asian MMO that comes to the west, there are big fears over certain publishers making the game pay-to-win. Nexon handles the publishing in South Korean, so there’s a decent chance they’ll get their hands on the western release as well. If it’s done right, I could see Moonlight Blade becoming a strong MMO for fans of the wuxia genre.

Below is some low-level Tianxiang gameplay footage, as well as the first trailer for Moonlight Blade I ever saw that sparked my interest in the game. It’s very important to note for these videos that all in-game footage, including cutscene footage, is realtime and not pre-rendered:

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