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ASTA Officially Launches with Release of “Myth I: Wrath of the Berserkers” Expansion

Today marks the official launch day for ASTA Online. To commemorate the launch, Webzen has also released the first expansion to ASTA Online called “Myth I: Wrath of the Berserkers.” As reported previously, the new expansion introduces several new features to the game:

Core features:

  • A new race is available: The Raksas.
  • The Raksas have access to an esclusive class: the Berserkers!
  • The Raksas start in a new introduction region, ‘Gate of Dawn’ and then select their path.
  • A new high-level open PvP region has been added: Wado.
  • Wado contains a new dungeon, offering 7 dungeon or raid rooms.

Level caps:

  • Maximum character level increased to 55.
  • Maximum PvP level increased to 55.
  • Maximum Fame level increased to 55.
  • Maximum crafting experience increased to 500.
  • Maximum sub-profession experience increased to 5000.


  • New crafting recipies for the Raksas and level 51-55 items have been added.
  • All Veteran tokens will be converted in Contribution Tokens.
  • New Fame rewards have been added.
  • New achievelents and titles have been added.

Further, all players who log in over the next two weeks will be able to take part in a special two week event that will award players for every day that they log into the game. The more players log in, the more rewards they get. Rewards consist of various items including Soul Stones and Divine Spirit intensification boxes.

To view the full announcement on ASTA’s website (and for a coupon code for free stuff), click here. For more information about the login event, check out ASTA’s official event post.


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